Lucy Haslam - Cannabis crusader

Medicinal Cannabis Crusader Australian Of The Year Awards Nominee

The finalists for the 2016 NSW Australian of the Year Awards include Lucy Haslam, who has been campaigning tirelessly to see medicinal cannabis legalized...
Medical cannabis - Pennysylvania

Pennsylvania Clergy Back Medicinal Marijuana

Deacons, reverends, rabbis, pastors and other Pennsylvania clergy members have put their names to a document urging lawmakers in the state to legalize medical...
Industrial hemp - Tasmania

New Tasmanian Hemp Laws Cut Red Tape

New industrial hemp laws in Tasmania, Australia will help the industry grow more rapidly in the state. Last Thursday, both houses of Parliament passed legislation...
Medical marijuana - New Zealand

Cannabis-Using Crohn’s Disease Patient Faces NZ Court

A Crohn's Disease sufferer has been convicted in a New Zealand court and sentenced to six months' supervision for using cannabis to relieve his...
Medical marijuana - New South Wales

NSW Government Scouting Cannabis Cropping Land

Following the Australian Federal Government's announcement it would permit medicinal cannabis cultivation, New South Wales' state government says it has commenced searching for suitable...
Australia - medicinal cannabis

Australian Medicinal Cannabis Farming A Step Closer

Australia's government has announced it will seek parliamentary support for a licensing scheme permitting the local cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific applications. Medicinal...