Cannabis has been used by humanity for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. After many years of unjustified prohibition and vilification in some countries, legal medicinal marijuana is now making a huge comeback – and it’s set to change the world of health and medicine dramatically.

Read more about how medical marijuana could benefit millions of patients and potentially treat a huge range of debilitating conditions more safely than current conventional pharmaceutical treatments.

Often confused with marijuana, industrial hemp does not intoxicate and has tens of thousands of uses – everything from textiles, medicines and building materials to biofuels and car parts.

A hardy, fast-growing and high-yielding crop, industrial hemp can be successfully grown on land where other crops can’t; with less water and other inputs such as pesticides and fertilizer. Learn more about this amazing plant, industrial hemp’s long association with humanity and its myriad uses and applications that can benefit all of us.

The latest news and reports from Australia and around the world on the legal medical marijuana and industrial hemp revolution. With new stories and information added regularly, our news section covers topics including politics, law, business, technology, medical breakthroughs, studies and survey reports.

Stay informed with the all the latest news from the sector and developments in the booming legal cannabis sector – this exciting industry is just getting into gear and the boom will only gain steam!

Latest Medical Marijuana And Industrial Hemp News

DEA and marijuana research

Expanded Access To Marijuana For Research In The USA Nears

It's been somewhat like pulling teeth, but the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has moved closer to allowing more growers to produce marijuana for...
Mississippi medical cannabis

Technicality Sinks Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program

It looks like hopes of Mississippi's voter-supported medical cannabis program kicking off this year have been dashed by a Supreme Court decision. In November last...
Medical cannabis research in Australia

More Cash For Australian Medical Cannabis Research

The Australian Federal Government's recently handed down 2021-22 Budget included $1.5 million for a trial exploring personalised medicinal cannabis dosing in cancer patients. Awarded via...
Medical cannabis and renewable energy

NZ’s First “Carbonzero” Medical Cannabis Firm

Greenfern Industries announced yesterday it had been named New Zealand’s first Toitū carbonzero certified medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp company. Medical cannabis can have a...
Medpharm - cannabis potency study

Another Study To Examine Cannabis Product Potency

US medical cannabis company MedPharm has been awarded a research grant to evaluate cannabinoid product label claims of potency. The three-year study funded by the...