About HempGazette.com

HempGazette is owned and operated by a group of Australian industrial hemp entrepreneurs (Marijuana Pty Ltd – ACN : 600788421 – view ASIC extract); all of whom have an extensive technology and green business background and recognise the huge potential for cannabis in multiple industries.

The site serves to bust the many myths surrounding medical cannabis and hemp, raise awareness of the benefits of both and provide up-to-date information on the legal cannabis industry; both locally and abroad.

It’s our hope that through this site, we’ll be able to educate more people about the myriad uses of the cannabis plant and help restore the good name it deserves as one of humanity’s most versatile and useful crops; one that is able to supply us with everything from food to fibre to fuels and medicines.

The legal cannabis industry also has potential for generating many good, well-paying jobs and another career path for young people to take as the sector will be requiring specific skills spanning agriculture, chemistry and manufacturing.

We’re just getting started and new content is being published on a regular basis by HempGazette’s writers, who scout for news daily, so be sure to check back regularly!

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