USPS - medical cannabis ads

US Postal Service Delivers Marijuana Ad Warning

The United States Postal Service has sent out a memo to newspaper publishers in a US state stating they must not mail any publications...
Cannbis regulation - Sussan Ley

Australian Medical Cannabis To Be Federally Regulated

Australian Federal Government Minister For Health, Sussan Ley, has announced the local cultivation of marijuana for medicinal or scientific purposes will be carried out...
Canada medical marijuana court case

Canadian Medical Marijuana User Fined $1.30

A token fine of $1.30 has been issued to a man in Canada by a judge who called the country's cannabis laws "obsolete and...
Ditch weed - industrial hemp

Ditching Of ‘Ditch Weed’ Hemp Eradication Program Urged

A long-established cannabis eradication program that seems to have focused on non-intoxicating industrial hemp may soon be in its death throes, or at least...
Canada - industrial hemp regulations

Canadian Hemp Farmers Call For Regulatory Reform

Canada is growing a lot of industrial hemp; but wasting a great deal of its potential too due to outdated regulations. Approximately 100,000 acres of...
USA industrial hemp product sales

Industrial Hemp A Half Billion Dollar U.S. Industry

The US industrial hemp industry is expected to finish up 2015 with USD $500 million in consumer sales. According to the Hemp Business Journal, ...
East Coast Grow

East Coast Grow – A Lighter Look At D.C.’s Cannabis Industry

The medical cannabis industry is a serious business - so of course, somebody had to make a sitcom from it. The kitchen at the Mess...
Medicinal cannabis for pets

Medical Hemp For Pets?

An increasing number of dog and cat owners are using medicinal marijuana to treat conditions in their pets. Medical cannabis designed for pets is thought...
Hemp foods Australia

Lifting Of Hemp Food Product Ban In Australia Soon(ish)?

The ridiculous ban on industrial hemp based food products in Australia may finally soon be a thing of the past. While low THC hemp is...
Cannabis cultivation - electricity consumption

Marijuana Industry Tackling Electricity Consumption

While industrial hemp generally doesn't require a lot of inputs, indoor-grown medical cannabis can be a real energy hog. Industrial hemp is grown outdoors, much...