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Medicinal cannabis and opioids

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Crucial In Opioid Death Reduction

It appears just legalising medical cannabis isn't enough to help deal with the opioid abuse crisis - dispensaries also play an important role. A recent...
RACP - Medicinal Cannabis

RACP Urges Caution On Medical Cannabis

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians says it is premature to form conclusions regarding medical cannabis and is concerned about risks associated with expanding...
Medical cannabis in New Mexico

New Mexico Moving Ahead On Medical Cannabis Issues

A couple of important developments in the U.S state of New Mexico relating to medical cannabis occurred this week. The first was a step towards...
Elderly patients and medicinal marijuana

Medical Cannabis “Safe And Effective” For Seniors

A new study confirms what many seniors using medical cannabis may already know - it appears to be generally safe to use and works...
Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand

MCANZ : NZ Medical Cannabis Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Medicinal marijuana related legislation introduced in New Zealand’s Parliament late last month doesn't go far enough says Medical Cannabis Awareness NZ (MCANZ). While the bill,...
Medical cannabis survey - U.S. military veterans

Strong Support For Medical Cannabis Among U.S. Veterans

A recent survey of military veteran households in the USA has revealed overwhelming support for medical cannabis. The survey indicated 92 percent of veteran households...
myth-busting marijuana medicine

10 Medical Cannabis Myths Busted

As with industrial hemp, many myths surround medicinal cannabis. This misinformation presents a hurdle to it being more broadly accepted and hinders awareness of...
Jim Lucas - Medicinal Marijuana

Another Push For Medical Cannabis In Indiana

A Republican will be the driving force behind another attempt to legalize medical cannabis in the U.S. state of Indiana. It's been said Indiana may...
Medical cannabis study

More Evidence Medical Cannabis Reduces Conventional Medication Use

Yet another study indicates patients with legal access to medicinal cannabis are ditching or decreasing their scheduled prescription medication in favour of it. University of...
Medicinal marijuana in Texas

Bill Seeks To Expand Medicinal Cannabis Access In Texas

Texas State Senator José Menéndez has filed a bill (Senate Bill 79) that if successful will see medical cannabis available to a far greater...


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