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Medicinal cannabis in Illinois

Latest Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Statistics

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) last week released fresh statistics on how the state's medical cannabis program was faring. According to IDPH, applications...
Cannabis as opioid medication replacement in Illinois

Medicinal Cannabis Can Now Replace Opioid Medications In Illinois

Illinois has again demonstrated its changing attitudes to cannabis, with Governor Bruce Rauner signing the Alternatives to Opioids Act of 2018 yesterday. While Gov. Rauner...
Opioid prescriptions and medical cannabis

The Effect Of Medical Cannabis On Opioid Prescriptions

Yet another study has confirmed the dampening effect cannabis has had on opioid prescription medication use - but not all types it seems. University of...
Medical cannabis and Australian doctors

Australian GPs Getting Behind Medical Cannabis

More than half of Australian general practitioners participating in a recent survey supported availability of medical cannabis on prescription. In what's thought to be the...

AusCann Powering Ahead On Medical Cannabis

Activity at Australian medical cannabis company AusCann Group Holding Ltd. (ASX:AC8) has been continuing to ramp up - and Canada again features heavily in...
Medicinal marijuana in New Jersey

New Jersey Medical Cannabis Registrations Surge

Recent changes to a medical cannabis program in the U.S. state of New Jersey is fueling a boost in patient applications, with expectations patient...
Medical cannabis in Illinois

Illinois Bill Seeks To Head Off Opioid Addiction With Cannabis

A bill seeking to allow patients to use medical cannabis as an alternative to opioid treatment passed the Illinois House and Senate last week. Senate...
Medical cannabis and New York physicians

New York Doctors On Board With Medicinal Cannabis

A study published early last month indicates more than two-thirds of  physicians in New York City and surrounding areas feel medical marijuana (MMJ) should...
Minnesota pain patients using medical cannabis

Minnesota Pain Patients Benefiting From Medicinal Cannabis

A significant proportion of Minnesotans with intractable pain who are taking medicinal cannabis are seeing a pain reduction of 30% or more. Intractable pain is...
Cannabis in cancer treatment

Medical Cannabis “Safe And Effective” Palliative Treatment For Cancer Patients

A peer-reviewed study has found 95.9% of participants with cancer reported an improvement in their condition through the use of medical cannabis. The 2,970 cancer...


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