Cannavaping Cannabis - Electronic Cigarette

Cannavaping Medicinal Marijuana With Ecigarettes “Safe”?

A new Swiss study suggests vaping medical cannabis compounds using electronic cigarettes could be an efficient, user-friendly and safe alternative to smoking marijuana for...
Ohio cannabis legislation

Medical Cannabis Bill Clears Ohio Senate

Ohio may soon be the 25th U.S state to legalize medical marijuana after a very close vote earlier this week. Having cleared the Senate by...
Legalising medical cannabis in Canberra

Canberra Shuns Medical Cannabis Plea

The Australian Capital Territory government has denied a request to direct ACT police officers to turn a blind eye to the use of medical...
Medicinal marijuana - military veterans

US Congress Approves Cannabis For Veterans

The U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment last week that will enable veterans to access medical cannabis therapies through Veterans Affairs. Military veterans are...

U.S. Hemp Product Sales Reached $573 Million In 2015

Last year saw more than half a billion dollars spent on hemp based products in the USA according to the Hemp Industries Association (HIA). In...
Medicinal Cannabis South Australia

Medicinal Cannabis A Hot Topic In South Australia

The Greens are pushing for medical cannabis crops to be grown in South Australia - sooner rather than later. Greens MLC Tammy Franks today called...
Audley Shaw - Medical Cannabis - Jamaica

Jamaican Minister Pushes For Medical Marijuana Industry

Jamaica's Finance and Planning Minister, Audley Shaw, has pleaded the case for the country developing a significant industrial hemp and medical marijuana industry -...
Medicinal marijuana in Macedonia

Macedonia Legalises Medicinal Cannabis

The end of this month should see the first medicinal marijuana products available in the Republic of Macedonia. It was only last November that...
NSW Mike Baird - Medicinal Cannabis

NSW Premier Heckled At Hemp And Medical Cannabis Expo

While a major hemp and cannabis expo in Sydney this weekend may have been a rip-roaring success; the NSW Premier may not have such...
Medical cannabis cultivation trial - Victoria, Australia

Victoria’s First Legal Cannabis Crop : Sneak Peek

From little things, big things grow. Victoria's Premier has shared some photos of the state's first legal medicinal cannabis crop. " Planted in April, it's...