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Pet hemp supplement analysis

Veterinary Hemp Supplement Analysis Results

U.S. researchers have revealed some interesting results in analysis of companion animal hemp products that pet owners really need to know about. The researchers, from...
Legal cannabis market in Australia and Oceania

Australian Legal Cannabis Market Forecast

A new report indicates the legal cannabis market in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region generally is set to boom. Prohibition Partners Oceania Cannabis Report:...
Bod Australia and Swisse - hemp

BOD Australia And Swisse Team Up On Hemp

Bod Australia Ltd (ASX: BDA) has announced it has partnered with vitamin and skincare giant Swisse Wellness to launch a bunch of hemp-based products...
Hemp weed-washing

Beware Of Hemp “Weed-Washing”

As more businesses pile on to the cannabis wellness bandwagon, consumers will need to become increasingly aware of what's been called "weed-washing". In November 2017,...
Cannabidiol and glaucoma

Study Finds CBD May Negatively Impact Glaucoma

It appears not all cannabis is equal when it comes to treating glaucoma - the compound cannabidiol may be problematic. Glaucoma refers to a group...
Impression - Axim - cannabinoids

Impression – From Mouthguards To Cannabinoid Chewing Gum

The medical cannabis industry is creating all sorts of curious potential partnerships, including this one in Australia. Impression Healthcare (ASX:IHL) is an Australian manufacturer and...
Hemp seed in Australia

What Hemp Plant Components Can Be Imported Into Australia?

Attitudes to industrial hemp are rapidly changing in Australia legally-speaking, but if you're importing parts of the hemp plant into the country, you still...
Cannabis as an insomnia treatment

Cannabis As An Insomnia Treatment

While many of us experience sleep problems at some stage of our lives, for some it can be chronic and seriously impact on their...
Cannabusiness in Australia

Australian Cannabusiness News Roundup, June 1

There's certainly a lot going on down-under in relation to medical cannabis these days compared to just a couple of years ago. Here's a...
Contaminated cannabis oil

Tainted Cannabis Oil Reportedly Being Sold In Australia

The status of medical cannabis in Australia is such that many are still sourcing medicines illegally - and perhaps not getting what they paid...
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