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Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma Readying For ASX

Australian medical cannabis firm Little Green Pharma's IPO officially opened this week, and quickly reached its goal of raising $10 million. Established in 2016, Perth,...
Transdermal Cannabinoid Therapy - OBJ and Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma And OBJ Partner On Transdermal Cannabinoid Therapy

Australia's Little Green Pharma has teamed up with OBJ (ASX:OBJ) in a collaboration to deliver cannabinoid therapy transdermally; i.e. via the skin. The companies will...
Little Green Pharma

Australia’s Little Green Pharma Completes 2nd Cannabis Harvest

Little Green Pharma recently announced completion of its second medicinal cannabis crop harvest at its hydroponic facility south of Perth in Western Australia. "With the...
Little Green Pharma

Australia’s Little Green Pharma Harvests First Medicinal Cannabis Crop

Perth's Little Green Pharma has harvested what it says is the first crop of commercial-use medical cannabis grown in Australia, and the first legally-grown...
Rose Renton - Medical Cannabis

“Green Fairy” Rose Renton Faces Court

New Zealand medical cannabis activist Rose Renton was in court earlier this week to face charges relating to growing and distributing cannabis products. Ms. Renton,...
Australian Natural Therapeutics Group Cannabis

ANTG Gets TGA Listing For Cannabis Strain

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) has had one its domestically grown cannabis products listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). As the name suggests,...
Medical cannabis in Western Australia

WA Government Cuts (Some) Medical Cannabis Red Tape

Western Australia's McGowan Government has announced changes that will make it a little easier for patients in the state to access medicinal cannabis products. Previously,...
Little Green Pharma - Australial

Australian Grown And Produced Cannabis Products Head To Germany

Australia's Little Green Pharma announced last week it had exported a sample of its commercial medical cannabis products to a company in Germany for...
Medical marijuana in Western Australia

Western Australia’s First Medical Cannabis Crop Under Cultivation

Perth-based Little Green Pharma has announced it has commenced cultivation of Western Australia's first medical cannabis crop. The plants are being grown at the privately-owned...
Cannabidiol Schedule V

U.S. DEA Shifts A Cannabidiol Medicine To Schedule V

The thin edge of the wedge? Cannabidiol is (finally) starting to gain more acceptance by the U.S. Federal Government. Cannabis, and consequently its compounds, have...