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Cannabidiol Study - Anxiety and Depression

World First Cannabidiol Study To Occur In Australia

A group of Australian children and young adults with severe mental health issues will be involved in a world-first medical cannabis trial. Something we'd like...
GreenLight Medicinal Marijuana

Australia’s “GreenLight” Medical Cannabis Campaign

A campaign to put pressure on the Australian Government to "greenlight" medicinal cannabis and alleviate the suffering of thousands of Australians kicked off on...
Thomas Jefferson University - medical cannabis and hemp research

Australians Donate USD $3M For Hemp And Medical Marijuana Research

Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert have donated a big chunk of change to Thomas Jefferson University in the USA to support its Center...
Cannabis trial in Canada - Epilepsy

Cannabis Trial For Canadian Kids With Epilepsy To Commence Soon

It may not be all that long before the "not enough research" excuse can't be used in relation to treating children with epilepsy using...
PELICAN study - cannabis

University Of Sydney Launches Cannabis Medicine Study

Researchers at theĀ  University of Sydney's Lambert InitiativeĀ  have announced a new study relating to the treatment of children with severe epilepsy with cannabis...
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