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Medicinal cannabis capsules trial - Australia

New South Wales Medicinal Cannabis Trial Expands

Seven more hospitals will join a trial in the Australian state of New South Wales examining the potential of medicinal cannabis in addressing nausea...
Cannabidiol - drop seizure reduction

Drop Seizure Reduction In Epilepsy Sufferers Treated With Cannabidiol

Results from a newly-released large-scale study have indicated cannabidiol may reduce seizures by half for some children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). A drug-resistant...
New South Wales medicinal marijuana trial

NSW Medicinal Cannabis Trial Now Recruiting Patients

Patients are being sought to participate a world-first medicinal cannabis trial in the Australian state of New South Wales - and it's safe to...
Cannabis trial in Canada - Epilepsy

Cannabis Trial For Canadian Kids With Epilepsy To Commence Soon

It may not be all that long before the "not enough research" excuse can't be used in relation to treating children with epilepsy using...
NSW medicinal marijuana trials

NSW Medical Cannabis Trials Progress

A small group of children have begun receiving cannabis based medicines in the Australian state of New South Wales, and a medical marijuana trial...
Queensland and New South Wales Medical Cannabis

QLD & NSW Progress On Medical Marijuana

The Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland are moving ahead in their efforts to make cannabis a mainstream form of medicine. In Queensland,...
Medical cannabis for NSW children

Cannabis Medicine For NSW Kids Available Soon

It appears children in the Australian state of New South Wales with severe treatment-resistant epilepsy may be able to take advantage of a specific...
Epidiolex CBD trial

Cannabidiol Medication Trial Returns Positive Results

A medication based on the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) has again proven to be useful in managing a rare form of epilepsy according to a...
Medical marijuana Queensland

Queensland Going It Alone On Medical Cannabis Trial

It's been reported  Queensland will stage its own medical cannabis trial after negotiations regarding a joint program with New South Wales broke down. As recently...
Stiff Person Syndrome - Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil And Stiff Person Syndrome

A young Australian sufferer of the rare condition Stiff Person Syndrome is lobbying the New South Wales government for access to medical cannabis. Stiff Person...
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