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US FDA Outlines Plans For Collecting Better Cannabidiol Data

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still inching its way towards developing consumer protection standards relating to CBD.

Back in 2019, it appears it came as a shock to many Americans federal standards for cannabidiol (CBD) hadn’t been developed. The FDA has repeatedly stated this has been due to gaps in its knowledge and it’s a situation that continues today.

But the agency hasn’t quite been sitting on its hands as some might suggest – for example, last year it revealed some interesting results from testing of 147 CBD and hemp products it purchased.

Last week, the FDA provided an update on its efforts to “CBD” (Collect Better Data) on the use of cannabidiol and its safety profile.

While the FDA says it has appreciated input from various parties in helping develop better data on the use and safety of products containing CBD, these efforts are “generally not adequate” – citing observational studies that are too small or using poor techniques for ensuring data quality. But in the months to come, the FDA intends developing and refining plans for research projects to address the gaps in current CBD data research capabilities.

“We see significant promise in small, targeted projects that improve data methods in the near-term and point to future opportunities for collecting and analyzing data on CBD products and, potentially, other types of products in the future,” states the agency.

So, it doesn’t appear consumer protection standards relating to CBD are about to appear any time soon, and until then uncertainty will remain for the industry and consumers.

To date, the FDA has only approved one cannabis-derived and three cannabis-related drug products – with the former being GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex; and only for certain conditions.

Further information on where the agency stands currently on cannabidiol can be found here and where the FDA is heading here.

Last year, the Administration came under increasing pressure from some in Congress to come up with standards sooner rather than later, but other parties wanted the FDA to have all the time it needs.

Terry Lassitenaz
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