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Over the counter topical cannabidiol

Mislabeling of CBD Content In OTC Topical Products Common

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers' findings after studying more than 100 over-the-counter topical cannabidiol (CBD) products are rather unsettling. It won't come as earth-breaking news that...
UK CBD list

UK FSA Finalises CBD Product List

The UK's Food Standards Agency last week published its final list of CBD products that can be marketed in England and Wales. The FSA’s task...
Greenfern Industries - medical cannabis

NZ’s Greenfern Industries Secures Medical Cannabis Export Deal

New Zealand's Greenfern Industries (GFI) says it has inked a two-year agreement involving purchase of the company's Taranaki-grown medicinal cannabis. The buyer and the destination...
Bod Australia S3 CBD

Bod Australia Low Dose CBD Product Progress

Will medical cannabis company Bod be the first to launch a low-dose CBD product available without prescription in Australia? In theory, it has been legal...
Greenfern Industries - NZ

NZ’s GFI Making Its Medical Cannabis Mark In Australia

New Zealand medical cannabis company Greenfern Industries (GFI) indicates it is racking up increasing sales across the ditch in Australia. The company says it kicked...
Bod Australia cannabigerol (CBG) study

Bod Reports Positive Results From Medical Cannabis Study

Bod Australia Limited (ASX:BOD) has provided some details from a proof of concept study into the safety and efficacy of the cannabinoid CBG. Medicinal cannabis...
Medical cannabis in Iowa

Medical Cannabis In Iowa – Steady Growth

While some states have really gone gangbusters in terms of medical cannabis patient registrations, things in Iowa are moving at a more leisurely, but...
Prescribing medical cannabis in Australia

Top 3 Reasons Medical Cannabis Is Prescribed In Australia

An in-depth study of Australia’s medicinal cannabis program has revealed cannabis has been prescribed for more than 140 conditions. It's probably not widely known medicinal...
Australia's Little Green Pharma

Australia’s Little Green Pharma Inks UK Medical Cannabis Deal

Little Green Pharma Ltd (ASX:LGP) announced on Monday it had entered into a medicinal cannabis distribution agreement with Sana Life Sciences. Under the Agreement, the...
Greenfern Industries - medical cannabis

NZ Cannabis Company Attains B Corp Certification

NZ's Greenfern Industries say it is the first New Zealand medicinal cannabis company to be awarded B Corp certification. So, what is a "B Corp"? It's...
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