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US Hemp Cannabinoid  Prices In December

Prices for CBD biomass in the USA remained stable in December – but still significantly lower than the December prior.

Released a few days before Xmas, Hemp Benchmarks’ December Hemp Spot Price Index Report states  while overall assessed prices for CBD Biomass appeared stable in the final month of 2021 – keeping November’s 13% gain – the price was still down by roughly a third compared to December 2020.

Rates for CBD extracts generally saw declines in December and while Refined Hemp Oil – THC Free CBD Distillate specifically – rose again in December, all other types saw decreases.

It was a rosier picture for CBG product prices; most of which rose again for the second straight month.  While feminized CBD seed and CBG seed prices increased, this is not unusual at this time of the year as most purchases are for indoor and greenhouse use, and these purchasers typically buy smaller amounts at higher prices.

Prices for the controversial cannabinoid Delta-8 THC are also seeing downwards pressure, with Delta-8 THC Distillate dropping for the sixth consecutive month. It was similar news for Delta-10 THC Distillate, down 13% from November.

As for CBN isolate, the average price in December was $3,630 per kilogram, down more than 5% from November,

Indoor and greenhouse-grown smokable CBD flower also saw another tumble, while bulk outdoor-grown flower was up 2% on November. But overall, smokableCBD flower saw a better year. Hemp Benchmarks notes the annual average for the year for CBD flower was $265 per pound. In 2020, the annual average price was just $185 per pound.

Looking ahead, Hemp Benchmarks says elevated prices for traditional row crops are among the early signs indicating hemp acreage may not bounce back this year after contracting in 2020 and 2021.

There are no prices provided for domestically grown hemp fiber, but Hemp Benchmarks mentions while processing infrastructure and supply chains are developing in the USA, concerns remain regarding current viability of end markets for fiber.

More from the December 2021 Hemp Spot Price Index Report can be viewed here.

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