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Hemp theft in the USA

Hemp Thefts Skyrocket In The USA

It looks as though many hemp farmers in the USA have been facing an uphill battle in protecting their crops from pests - the two-legged...
Hemp theft in South Australia

“Relentless” Hemp Thefts Discourage South Australian Growers

It's tragic and frustrating that Australia's hemp industry is threatened by idiots - it's not as though farmers don't have enough in the way...
Industrial hemp theft

Industrial Hemp Theft Gets Violent

Theft of industrial hemp plants in the USA appears to be on the increase, and in one recent incident guns were reportedly involved. The ...
Industrial hemp in South Australia

South Australian Hemp Growers Hit By Theft

South Australia's nascent hemp industry is facing an issue also plaguing U.S. hemp farmers - theft of crops. As we've often mentioned here on HempGazette, industrial...
Industrial hemp in South Australia

South Australian Hemp Industry Progress

The total number of industrial hemp licences issued in South Australia have doubled since trials kicked off in 2018 - but the state's hemp...
Hemp theft arrest

Hemp Thieves Caught Green-Handed

Four would-be marijuana thieves in the USA proved not to be the sharpest tools in the shed. To put it bluntly, they were about...
hemp theft in the USA

2020 U.S. Hemp Season Sees Farmers Battling Thieves Again 

It's that time of the year when U.S. hemp farmers are facing a major challenge - stopping the clueless from stealing their hemp crops. A...
Hemp in Ohio

Ohio Kicks Off Hemp License Applications

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Hemp Program has begun accepting license applications from prospective cultivators and processors for this year's growing season. Around this time...
Industrial hemp thieves

Dumb Thieves Attempt To Rob Industrial Hemp Farm

It appears these would-be marijuana thieves weren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Not only were they busted, but the plants they were attempting...
Industrial hemp in Utah

Utah Draft Industrial Hemp Rules Published

Industrial hemp finally reappearing in more fields across the U.S. State of Utah is another step closer. While Utah research and educational institutions have been...
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