Barnaby Joyce opens Australian medical cannabis farm

Australia’s First Medical Cannabis Farm Opened

Australia's Acting Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, has opened the nation's first medicinal cannabis farm; situated near Tamworth in New South Wales.  The project is being...
Australian medical marijuana progress

Victoria’s Cannabis Progress Pressures Other States

Victoria's legalising of medicinal cannabis has given efforts in other states added momentum and created an exchange of barbs between political parties. As we reported...
Medicinal cannabis - Victoria

Medicinal Cannabis Now Legal In Victoria

The Australian state of Victoria has legalised access to medical cannabis - but it will only be available in exceptional circumstances (for now) and...
New Zealand medical cannabis survey

Kiwis Re-Affirm Support For Medical Marijuana

Results just released from another poll indicate nearly three quarters of New Zealanders support medical cannabis. A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll posed the...
Cannabis - male infertility treatment?

Cannabis Could Treat Male Infertility?

Cannabis, or components of it, could potentially play a role in treating male infertility; but it's a double-edged sword. While the human race is not...
Medical cannabis meeting - Australia

Australian Health Ministers Meet On Medicinal Cannabis

A meeting of Australian health ministers in Perth on Friday has resolved to take steps to coordinate use and control of cannabis for medical...
Medical cannabis tax revenue - Louisiana

Medical Cannabis A Potential Money-Spinner For Louisiana

As well as potentially helping more than a hundred thousand people; medical marijuana could bring millions into the U.S. state of Louisiana's government coffers...

Big Plans For Tiny Hemp Homes

This tiny home will be packed with big environmentally friendly ideas - and one of them is the use of hempcrete. GreenBuilt, headquartered in the...
Medical Cannabis rescheduling - Australia

TGA Publishes Interim Medical Cannabis Rescheduling Decision

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced an interim decision to create new Schedule 8 entries for some medical cannabis products. Cannabis, many cannabinoids and...
Medical marijuana Queensland

Queensland Going It Alone On Medical Cannabis Trial

It's been reported  Queensland will stage its own medical cannabis trial after negotiations regarding a joint program with New South Wales broke down. As recently...