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US Parents’ Attitudes To CBD For Kids 

A US poll on children’s health delved into the attitudes of parents in relation to the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in children, with some interesting results.

Cannabidiol has been increasingly used in children for treating or managing certain conditions such as autism and severe forms of epilepsy. But it couldn’t be said it’s in wide use and much more research and education needs to occur.

The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asked a national sample of parents of children 3-18 years about their opinions on the paediatric use of the cannabinoid.

While many parents indicated they didn’t know much about CBD (46%) and 34% said they’d never heard of it prior, 73% believed CBD could be a good option for children in a situation where other medications didn’t work.

More than 90% of those participating had never administered or considered administering CBD to their child, while just 2% had given their child a product containing the cannabinoid.

83% believe CBD products should be regulated by the FDA – and that’s a particularly thorny point as the FDA is taking its sweet time in doing so. While FDA oversight was desired by most parents, only 58% said FDA approval would be very important to their decision concerning administering CBD to their child.

Highlighting the need for more CBD education, 35% thought taking CBD is basically the same as using marijuana. It certainly isn’t – the cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for the high (but also has medical uses) is THC. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect. However, it can have some side-effects, hence the need for more thorough research.

“Anecdotal stories of children benefiting from CBD may sound alluring but just because it’s a plant product doesn’t necessarily make it safe or effective in children,” said Mott Poll co-director Sarah Clark, M.P.H.. “We need more evidence to understand CBD’s short- and long-term side effects in kids.”

Looking at parents use of cannabidiol, 24% indicated they have tried it and 5% said they use a CBD product regularly.

More results from the poll can be found here along with further commentary here.

Steven Gothrinet
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