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Medical cannabis and opioid use reduction

(Another) Study – Medical Cannabis And Prescription Opioids

A study observing the impact of medical cannabis on prescribed opioid usage in chronic pain patients has revealed interesting results. The US opioid epidemic claimed 47,600...
Pain management - cannabidiol vs. opioids

Another Study Indicating CBD Can Reduce Opioid Intake

A study on the potential role of hemp-derived cannabidiol as an alternative to opioids for pain patients has indicated positive results. Dr Alex Capano, Chief...
Medical cannabis and opioid overdose deaths

Study Claims Medical Cannabis Doesn’t Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

The view that medical cannabis can help address some of the impacts of opioid abuse, specifically overdose deaths, has been challenged. We've reported on the...
Cannabis as opioid medication replacement in Illinois

Medicinal Cannabis Can Now Replace Opioid Medications In Illinois

Illinois has again demonstrated its changing attitudes to cannabis, with Governor Bruce Rauner signing the Alternatives to Opioids Act of 2018 yesterday. While Gov. Rauner...
Medical cannabis as opioid replacement

Opioid Replacement A Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana In New York

Late last week, the New York State Department of Health announced the implementation of an emergency rule allowing for cannabis to be used as...
Opioid prescriptions and medical cannabis

The Effect Of Medical Cannabis On Opioid Prescriptions

Yet another study has confirmed the dampening effect cannabis has had on opioid prescription medication use - but not all types it seems. University of...
Medical cannabis in Illinois

Illinois Bill Seeks To Head Off Opioid Addiction With Cannabis

A bill seeking to allow patients to use medical cannabis as an alternative to opioid treatment passed the Illinois House and Senate last week. Senate...
Medicinal cannabis and opioids

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Crucial In Opioid Death Reduction

It appears just legalising medical cannabis isn't enough to help deal with the opioid abuse crisis - dispensaries also play an important role. A recent...
Medicinal cannabis as an opioid abuse treatment

Opioid Addiction Could Be Added To NY Medical Marijuana Program

New measures recently introduced to New York State's House and Senate could result in opioid addiction being a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use. In...
Richard Branson - Medical Cananbis

Richard Branson Backs Medical Marijuana To Battle Opioid Epidemic

A recently released position paper from the Global Commission on Drug Policy has urged for the legalising of medical marijuana as part of a...
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