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Progress On Phase II Of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program

Another 13 permits for growing/processing medicinal cannabis have been issued by Pennsylvania’s Health Department, and dry leaf cannabis is also now available in the state.

It appears there was plenty of competition for permits again for this round, with 91 applications lodged.

Under the first phase of the program, 12 permits for medical marijuana growers/processors were issued in June last year, but there was never any doubt more would be required and granted.

“This medication is vital to Pennsylvanians suffering from one of the 21 serious medical conditions allowed under the law and we need to ensure they have access to it close to their homes,” said Dr. Rachel Levine, the Secretary of Health and Physician General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania .

Dry Leaf Available From Dispensaries

In other news from the state, dry leaf medical marijuana (including flower) is now available from dispensaries at 16 locations across Pennsylvania, with the number to expand to 28 locations next week.

Pitched as a cost-effective option for patients, there is a catch to availability of cannabis in its herbal form – it’s for vaping purposes only.

“It’s vital for patients to remember that the dry leaf form of medical marijuana is available for vaporization only,” said Dr. Levine. “It is illegal to smoke the medication.”

Good luck with enforcing that.

When transporting dry leaf cannabis, registered patients will need to carry it in its original container as well as carry their program ID card.

Medical marijuana is also available in a variety of other forms in Pennsylvania, including oils, pills, topicals and tinctures.

Program Statistics For Pennsylvania.

Since medical marijuana was legalised in 2016 in the state and dispensaries began opening in February, patients have flocked to the program.

Currently there are more than 52,000 patients registered and 30,000 have received ID cards. That’s a big jump from in May, when 37,000 patients were registered and 16,000 cards had been issued.

1,000+ physicians have registered to prescribe cannabis and 700 have been approved, up from 600 in May.

Currently, 29 dispensaries have been approved across the state.

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