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U.S Navy Cracks Down On Hemp Hair Care

Well, this is getting a little over the top. Updated directives from the U.S. Navy powers-that-be state sailors and marines are prohibited from more products made or derived from hemp.

Section 12619 of the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp-derived products from Schedule I status under the Controlled Substances Act. However, back in August last year the U.S Department of Navy reiterated its stance that sailors and marines are not permitted to use hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations unless it’s an FDA approved drug.

Last week it took things a step further, banning the use of wide range of other products made with or from hemp. The memo defines “use” as including:

  • to inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce into the human body
  • includes the use of hemp products designed to penetrate through the skin layer
  • the use of topical products containing hemp such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lip balms, or soaps.

The change – or clarification – was effective immediately.

It seems the Navy is concerned these hemp products may interfere with the Department’s Drug Detection and Deterrence Program and result in the reporting of unlawful levels of THC in those tested. As far as we know, that “unlawful” level is zero.

“Sailors and Marines cannot rely on the packaging and labeling of hemp products in determining whether the product contains THC concentrations that could cause a positive urinalysis result reference,” says the Navy.

It has a point there – we recently reported all sorts of labelling and quality control issues discovered by the FDA after it tested a bunch of cannabidiol products. But most hair and skincare products are usually based on hemp seed oil, which has practically no CBD or THC for that matter – although it still pays to read the label and quiz the manufacturer.

Just to stress it isn’t mucking about, the memo warns:

“Any violations of this general order are subject to adverse administrative actions and/or disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Who would have thought shiny hair, soft lips and clear skin could lead to such drastic action? For the rest of us, we can continue to enjoy the benefits of hemp skin care products.

Gillian Jalimnson
Gillian Jalimnson is one of Hemp Gazette's staff writers and has been with us since we kicked off in 2015. Gillian sees massive potential for cannabis in areas of health, energy, building and personal care products and is intrigued by the potential for cannabidiol (CBD) as an alternative to conventional treatments. You can contact Gillian here.

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