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Australia’s Increasing Interest in Medical Cannabis: Insights from Medigrowth Study

Melbourne, Victoria, November 2023 — Medigrowth, a leader in Australian medicinal cannabis biotechnology, has conducted a survey revealing noteworthy trends in the use of medical marijuana among Australians. Over eight per cent of Australians are reported to be either frequent or occasional users of medical cannabis, highlighting a significant engagement with the substance for medicinal purposes.

Additionally, six per cent of Australians have used medical cannabis under prescription, and 22 per cent have considered obtaining a prescription in the last 12 months.

This survey underscores a significant shift in the perception and acceptance of medical cannabis in Australia. Notably, 38 per cent of Australians are acquainted with someone using medical cannabis, a figure that rises to 52 per cent among Gen Z Australians.

According to Adam Guskich, CEO and co-founder of Medigrowth, “The landscape of health discussions in Australia is evolving, with a noticeable increase in open and transparent conversations about medicinal alternatives. We’ve observed a substantial rise in prescriptions and an expanding network of GPs prescribing medical cannabis, which indicates a broader acceptance and curiosity about its potential benefits.”

Medigrowth, an Australian-owned medicinal cannabis biotech, specializes in a variety of products including THC, CBD, and dry cannabis flowers. Since its start in 2017, the company has made significant strides in growth and collaboration, particularly with Deakin University, focusing on plant-based solutions for neurodevelopmental challenges. They have also initiated the Medigrowth Center for Excellence, aimed at pioneering research and manufacturing in medical cannabis.

Guskich adds, “Our mission is to drive the industry forward through rigorous research and development, as well as improving access and education regarding medical cannabis. We believe that medical cannabis is not just a viable, but a reliable alternative for numerous Australians seeking different approaches to relief. By fostering a culture of education and resource sharing, we’re contributing to a more informed and beneficial landscape for all Australians involved in the industry.”

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